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September 2, 2016

Tips on Selecting the Right Social Media Analytics Tool

It is incredibly true to highlight the fact that digital communication has altered the digital landscape and has forced companies to include social media in their communication tools. The biggest social media platforms offer users built-in analytics tools that enable them to measure the level of engagement with customers but these tools come up short in many ways and most communication managers and experts prefer to use other tools to analyze their social media data. There are many tools available that can track, monitor, publish and analyze data from social media, but each tool has their own merits and demerits and thus each should be evaluated in light of priority goals as well as putting in mind departmental limitations.

It is incredibly true to highlight the fact that when it comes to selecting a social media analysis tool, the tool should be one that adds value to the objectives of the organization but even in their absence communication managers need to put in the effort required in creating reports. It is an undeniable fact that communicators should consider some issues first before selecting a social media analytics tool.

It is amazingly true to note that one of these factors is the level of activity of the company on social media because for businesses that are extremely vibrant on various channels then the communicator needs to pick a tool that will accommodate all of them in the reports and how they will relate to one another. Other companies prefer to monitor and analyze based on the region or business segment and have created specific channels as well as profiles that cater for those regions and segments as opposed to interpreting on a worldwide level which could alter the results.
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The other factor to consider is the primary goal of the reporting, which can range from showing influence as well as share of voice, track marketing conversations, provide customer service or track conversions. If the aim is to demonstrate influence or sharing of voice, then the company needs to get a tool that is able to filter keywords, influencers (either by developing a manual list or by using influence scores) and competitor needs. If the goal is sales support, then the company needs to select a tool that will integrate with the company’s CRM or even a lead tracking system. If the intention is to track campaigns, then the company needs to pick a tool that allows link tracking, tagging, and CRM and website analytic integrations.
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Another issue to consider is the budget but analytics on channel growth, content performance and some level of influence can be accomplished without a significant budget. It is an undeniable fact to note is that social media analysis becomes expensive when a company runs multiple profiles on some channels and they need to show value.